Syncing Data from Android to iOS

Playing on an iOS device?
Well, don't let that stop you because there are some games like Clash of Clans and Brave Frontier that offers sync and often they allow cross-device syncing.

Of course if you have an Android Device, you would have known this by now and are using our Mods to sync over to your iOS devices, but what if you don't own an Android Device? How can you still use our Mods? Well, the solution here is Bluestacks.

1. Download Bluestacks from here.
2. Install Bluestacks on your Computer

What Bluestack does is it acts as a 'Emulator' that allows you to install APK files and use it on.
Meaning, you don't need and Android device and you will still be able to enjoy your favourite Android games.

So what now?

Depending on which game you are playing they normally have their own network to 'sync' to. Or most of them, uses Facebook as a cheaper alternative. So basically, you download a mod version, start the game, finish the Tutorials if any.

Sync the account that you are playing to your FB account and tada! The values will sync.

Hope this helps and we will be making more Mods for you to enjoy that's coming up!
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