Alchemix v1.0.6 APK (Mod)

Alchemix v1.0.6 APK (Mod)
An exciting puzzle game will captivate you with the first minute.
Keep a balance of the fluids and reveal the ancient secrets of Alchemy.

Alchemix is a discovery in the genre of labyrinth games!
Control spreading fluid, change its states and avoid tricky traps.
Become a great Alchemist! Create the magic crystal from different reagents and save a young apprentice from a failed experiment.
Dexterity and logic will help you to achieve the best results you can share with your friends.

Game features:
• Intuitive accelerometer controls
• Realistic simulation of liquids
• Amazing 3D graphics
• Spellbinding sound atmosphere
• Unique levels and new game elements in each chapter
• Interactive tutorial and hints
• Achievements, ratings and bonuses

Plunge into the world of Alchemy in the new format. Become a researcher and creator in our game!
The power of Alchemy is in your hands now!

What's New

• issue with fluids on Adreno devices fixed!


Alchemix v1.0.6 APK (Mod)
Alchemix v1.0.6 APK (Mod)
Alchemix v1.0.6 APK (Mod)
Alchemix v1.0.6 APK (Mod)
Alchemix v1.0.6 APK (Mod)
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