[Android Mod] Bloodline Global Mega Mod (Unlimited Gold, Gems, Crystal & VIP 200)

Bloodline - The Last Royal Vampire, a mobile game RPG that claims to have a good story and it's based off from a popular manga of the same name that has game play mechanics similar to Brave Frontier. Today, MGRD will be presenting a newly released Bloodline - The Last Royal Vampire Global Mega Mod that gives you Unlimited Gold, Gems, Crystals and Instant VIP 200. 

Like all of our other mods that we've created, our Bloodline Mega Mod doesn't require your phone to be rooted in order to enjoy. Virus free and it's always updated to the latest version.

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Bloodline - The Last Royal Vampire Global Mega Mod by MGRD

  1. Frozen Gold value (Unlimited) [Server]
  2. Frozen Crystal Value (Unlimited) [Server]
  3. Frozen Gems (Unlimited) [Server]
  4. Instant VIP 200 [Server] - To get this, spend 10 Gems to upgrade to 'VIP 1', but instead of VIP 1, you'll get VIP 200. It will progress from here if you keep spending gems and not fixed at 200. It will also instantly unlock all VIP related task (Get ready for some serious screen tapping XD)
  5. Unlimited Items (Item Count Frozen) [Client]
  6. No Level Requirement for Hero Evolution
  7. 0 STA for quest [Client]

We're kinda hesitant about including mods that destroy game play such as 'High Atk' and stuff as Bloodline has a system that checks for abnormal behavior (A Client Sided Check) which can make your account prone to getting banned. This mod manipulates packets (Meaning server side) and not client side so you don't have to worry about getting 'Abnormal behavior' warning. 

Abnormal behavior seem to only apply to character stats like God mode, instant Fury Bar fill and extremely high godly stats. 1 HP for enemies does not seem to trigger this warning but not all enemies are vulnerable to the 1 HP mod so we didn't add it and some other client sided hacks.

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Editor's Note:

Bloodline plays almost exactly like Brave Frontier. An RPG hero embarks on a quest to do stuff, we aren't exactly clear of the story line here, but it would seem that we're saving a vampire of sorts based on the beginning. It would seem that Bloodline RPG is going to be pretty story heavy right off the bat seeing that we have dialogues in almost every final battle XD - Helps in story immersion I suppose.

Game mechanics wise, each of your heroes can equip a certain type of equipment which you can enhance given that you have the materials and gold. Different heroes belong to different class and different class can equip different type of weapons such as Bow, Books (Rune?) and more.

Your Heroes will level up from battles and through Hero Fusion which can boost its overall stats and make it a better hero. Once your hero level is maxed out, with the correct materials you'll be able to evolve. (In this mod, your hero level doesn't need to be maxed out.) When evolved, the hero will gain one star rarity until it reaches 5 stars (Highest at the moment).

Game play for Bloodline plays out similar, upon hitting the enemy, you gain red crystals that fills up your Fury bar and once full, you'll be able to activate your character's special attack. The controls are a bit more intuitive? compared to Brave Frontier as you can swipe once to command all heroes to attack. Also, you can speed up and auto battle, this makes grinding less of a chore (Albeit using up your STA a lot faster too.)

You can use Crystals to exchange for certain heroes and equipment too!

All in all, Bloodline has a great F2P model but kinda ruined by the VIP system that gives 'Whales' - AKA an industry term for Money Dumping people to gain a great advantage in this this game. To those who don't know what VIP is in general, it means (Usually) able to increase the limit of purchases like in this case - Gold Purchase, STA limit purchase, increase Hero Storage and many more. You'll also be rewarded for completing the 'VIP level up' task.

Overall an interesting game to play but Bloodline - The Last Royal Vampire is skewed towards 'Pay to win'. Free to play players may find themselves struggling to catch up and our Bloodline Unlimited Gold, Gems, Crystal and VIP 200 mod aims to fix that. 

We hope you enjoy our mod and we'll see you in our next one!
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