[Android Mod] Guns Girl - School DayZ APK Mod (Unlimited Crystal & Gold & No Stamina)

Guns Girl - School DayZ. It's a action zombie game where you fight to survive an apocalyptic world that has been surrounded by zombies. Reminds me of high school of the dead. Nevermind! MGRD would like to present to you our School DayZ APK Mod that gives unlimited Crystal and Gold!

No Root is required to play our Guns Girl - School DayZ APK Mod!

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Guns Girl - School Dayz APK Mod Features

  1. 0 Stamina Cost
  2. Unlimited Crystals (Frozen)
  3. Unlimited Gold (Frozen)

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Editor's Note:

Guns Girl - School DayZ is a game by Team 4inch that features an anime style RPG game where you have a bunch of cute girls fighting over a swarm of zombies girls because your goal here is to survive this one hell of an apocalypse and leave the campus alive without becoming an undead.

In this story, apparently, the apocalypse is something that happens every century where people lose their minds and become zombies. Yes, every century, funny one at that. To survive, you'll need to equip yourself with a good variety of weapons and uniforms that can change the look of your characters.

In Guns Girl - School DayZ, they have over 10 quest Maps that you can choose from where they have their own stages, battle modes, side story quests, events and boss side quests. Yes, there are zombie bosses in this game.

Your weapons can be further refined using gold so it can become more powerful AKA more stars. Or either that, you can spend Crystals to Gacha so you can obtain rare 3 stars - sometimes even 6 stars weapon.

That's pretty much it for this game, the combat is smooth and overall a joy to play where you can blast out zombie skulls. Presence of voice acting also made this game a lot more fun instead of just reading dialogue.

A simple yet fun game to enjoy, we hope that with our Guns Girl - School DayZ APK Mod that gives you Unlimited Crystals and Gold with no stamina required will further enhance your gameplay experience for this game as you don't have to wait for stamina to refill and you'll be able to spam crystals and gacha until you obtain a desirable weapon!

Till our next hack, we hope you enjoy this one!


If you think you can handle zombies armies in normal story mode, try the additional badass Survival Mode and see how good your monster fighting skills really are.
Game Features
**Full on action cute school girl characters
**Stunning Anime Manga Character design
**Shoot your way through zombie hordes
**52 types of school uniforms to choose from
**182types of weapons
**Up to 78 skills to empower weapons
**Activate Gashapon to get better equips, items, etc...
**Enhance and refine the character's skills
**EASY and HARD game modes plus 5 event sidequests
**Various upgradeable firearms and weapons of mass destruction

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