[Android Mod] Minions Paradise APK Mod (Unlimited Doubloons and Sand Dollars)

So Minions Paradise is some kind of City builder/Harvest type of game? Interesting. So it's going to be something like farmville with fun mini games to boot. Introducing to you our Minion Paradise APK Mod No Root Unlimited Doubloons and Sand Dollars.

Like all other of our amazing mods, you don't need root in order to play our Minions Paradise APK Mod with unlimited Doubloons and Sand Dollars. It will always be updated to the latest version. You can take a look at when this mod is last updated below:

Last Updated:

Minion Paradise APK Mod Features:

  1. Unlimited Doubloons
  2. Unlimited Sand Dollars

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Editor's Note:

Like all games, there has to be a reason why certain things happen. This game, has no exception. The premise of this game is that these minions are planning to go on some kind of vacation on a cruise liner but Phil ruins their vacation when he 'accidentally' sinks the ship - How this happens is not explained but it's interesting to see how it happened. XD 

So thankfully, these minions are drifted onto an empty island and now Phil made it his mission to please all of the minion friends to keep them happy.

Well that's more or less it. The interface for Minions Paradise is really minimal and easy to find and the controls are smooth with no lag. 

How Minions Paradise works in general is you need to complete 'missions' and most them just involves collecting items like resources and building objects to gain Minions Paradise's in-game currency Sand Dollars and Doubloons. Sounds simple, but actually quite fun.  

For the most part, you're just tapping on trees and pits to collect resources. There are also other missions that you can find at Phil's Tiki Bar where he assigns you - player - a mission that may or may not be character specific.

Most of your purchases like bridges, buildings and land are bought with sand dollars which is Minions Paradise's main currency. You can earn them quite easily by completing Phil's main story line missions or play missions assigned to you by other minions.

Of course, the premium currency 'Doubloon' is used to speed up the building process, resource collection and attain items that you cannot usually obtain through normal means. (By normal we mean without throwing real money.)

You can earn some premium currency pretty easily by leveling up and by playing mini games. How does mini games work? Well, by reaching a certain score in the game, you can earn a set amount of sand dollars, doubloons or Totems if you're lucky. It all depends on the cycle of the reward that they can get. Totems are really nothing more than a collectibles in this game XD

So there you have it! With our Minions Paradise APK Mod packed with Unlimited Doubloons and Sand Dollars and no root is needed to play, you're assured to have a blast with this game. We personally gave this game a score 7/10 because it's actually quite fun!

We'll see you in our next mod!


Break out the tiny umbrellas and crack open some coconuts. Phil’s turning the island into a party-paradise, and you’re invited – along with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob from the MINIONS movie. Help Phil throw incredible Minion parties and transform your island into the perfect getaway. Pass the flamethrower! 
Customize your island with hot tubs, hammocks, and beach volleyball courts, all with brand-new Minion animations. Plant firefly trees, harness power from electric eels, and grow bushels of bananas to make an unforgettable island for Phil and his Minion buddies. 
The more land you get, the more fun your Minions will have! You can also become an expert at alligator waterskiing, dive off waterslides, and much more. 
All Minions need a villainous boss to serve! Aid Phil in building a special resort for all your favorite villains from the MINIONS movie. Help these villains enjoy paradise while putting their own dastardly plans into motion.

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