Dragon Eyed v1.1.5 APK (Mod God Mode)


1. A story you'll remember forever!
- Eye-catching dramatic scenes to immerse you completely into the game world!
- Dive into Dragon Eyed and become part of an incredible story!

2. Ultimate action with heroic characters!
- High
-quality 3D graphics that will satisfy your eyes!
- Incomparable action and skills to maximize the excitement of the battlefield!
- A multitude of classes and customizable heroes make it easier for you to form your own strategic party!
- Form mighty alliances throughout the storyline and grow stronger together!

3. Acquire epic equipment to wield powerful skills!
- Combine different skills given to equipment for a battle advantage.
- Equipment and skills become stronger as the story unfolds!
- Upgrade skills and equipment to the maximum level by playing the game!

4. Obliterate enemies in one shot! with Burst skills!
- What is a 'Burst' skill? Burst skills are triggered by abnormal states. They can be integrated with the general skills for powerful combos.
- Obliterate enemies in one shot through strategic skill combinations under your control!

5. Endless variety of stages and intense actions!
- The more you play, the more diverse stages will get, ranging from Adventure, Maze, and Deep Hollow to Horde Defence!
- Defeat gigantic bosses in raid battles and win the ultimate rewards!

6. Get the highest rank on the battlefields!
- Forget all the boring PvP systems you're used to! Steal your opponent's rank in real time and enjoy rewards based on your rank through this fast
-paced PvP system!!
- Defeat other adventurers to get the best rank and reap your rewards!

What's New

1. New story and new Mazes for Cydonia World 5
2. Skill Enchant
3. Deep Hollow Expansion
4. Contents of Daily Reward will be changed.
5. Battle Improvements
6. Bug fixes
7. Adding Tutorials


Dragon Eyed v1.4 APK (Mod God Mode) Dragon Eyed v1.4 APK (Mod God Mode) Dragon Eyed v1.4 APK (Mod God Mode) Dragon Eyed v1.4 APK (Mod God Mode)
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