Gullak - Expense Manager Pro v4.0.1 APK

Gullak - Expense Manager Pro v4.0.1 APK
The “MOST SUCCESSFUL” personal finance app that helps you “SAVE MONEY”. We have the BEST customer service available. DAILY EXPENSE MANAGER PRO helps you keep track of your expenses and income. It manages your money more effectively and helps you to SAVE up to 30% of your monthly expenses. It’s a very good finance planner app.

Daily Expense Manager Pro is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due and account balances. It is easy to understand and the best way to record your financial data. Crossing over 1 million downloads in the different app stores.


★ Automatic summary of expenses by syncing inbox messages
Manages your entire personal finances by analyzing SMS you receive from banks and billers. Automatically track expenses, income, bills and account balance for your financial accounts.

★ Useful analytic through graphical representation
Get a smarter insight of your expenses and income with graphs and charts. Know your spending trends and spending areas.

★ High Data Security
You can set app lock password to secure your data. Your financial data is never shared with anyone. The app does not access any of your sensitive information – no full account numbers, no OTP is read.

★ Easy and Smooth User Interface
Attractive user interface with captivating graphics and design, customize it according to your requirements/convenience.

★ Set Budget to control over spending
Curtail your expenses by setting budgets for them. Automatically adds your recurring transactions and get notified with reminders.

★ Set Reminders and never forget to pay our due bills
Never be late in paying bills. All your mobile, credit card and utility bills & EMI in one place with timely reminder to pay bills on time

★ Access DAILY EXPENSE MANAGER PRO simultaneously on multiple devices
Same account can be accessed simultaneously by multiple devices. Changes made on one device will be reflected on all.

★ Customer Support
Get 24/7 efficient customers support just a call or a mail away, best solutions for all your problems within 24hrs from our team/experts.

What's New?
* Intelligent & Automated reporting via Automatic SMS Sync Feature.
- Automatic update of credit/debit from Bank Alerts.
- No need of manual entry for 90% of your transactions.
* Last 6 Months Trend of Expenses and Income via Dashboard
* Insightful Analytic via Graphs & Charts on History/Reports.
* Cash in Hand and Bank Accounts Management
- Track Multiple Bank Accounts
- Account summary of individual banks.
- Automatic Cash management for ATM withdrawal
* On Demand Quick Add using Widget
* Tablet Support
* Multiple Language support
- English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean

What's New

1. Icon Pack Introduced for Categories
2. Localisation implemented
3. Dashboard improved
4. Manual sync
5. SMS Parsing
6. Multiple device syncing
7. Insightful analysis via charts and graphs in History/ Reports
8. Tablet Support
9. App License issue resolved


Gullak - Expense Manager Pro v4.0.1 APK
Gullak - Expense Manager Pro v4.0.1 APK
Gullak - Expense Manager Pro v4.0.1 APK
Gullak - Expense Manager Pro v4.0.1 APK
Gullak - Expense Manager Pro v4.0.1 APK
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