[ROM] XtreStoLite Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H 5.0

ROM Author: edgarf28

  • Based on the latest Samsung Stock G900H Exynos XXU1BOCA Lollipop firmware (Base build date: 25-MARCH-2015)
  • Stock XXU1BOCA Exynos Kernel
  • De-bloated ROM to 431 MB.
  • Use ONLY the G900H Exynos version of the Aroma Add-on Package with this G900H ROM version.
  • Make sure you're on the latest XXU1BOCA Lollipop firmware/bootloader already
  • Copy the ROM (& Aroma add-on package) zip files to your internal memory of your phone (external SD-card isn't working with all the custom recoveries on the G900H at the moment)
  • Do a Data/Factory reset first in PhilZ recovery
  • Start the installation
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy the Rom! :D
    • Optionally: Flash the Aroma add-on Package, to restore some of the removed Samsung Apps/Functions that you want (You can do this anytime!)
  • I would NOT recommend to restore system apps or app data of your apps with Titanium backup, only the apps themselves.
  • Restoring App data or System apps can cause many problems. (This applies to any ROM!)

Source: XDA
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