[TIPS] Patching Android apps on Blackberry 10


Hi Bro, Here is the method how to patch Google Play services dependencies directly on your Blackberry device using Lucky Patcher from ChelpuS. No Desktop PC or Mac is needed for this procedure.

  • Remove signature verification that causes error "Google Play is not supported on your device"
  • Support for Google Maps API v2 (provided by pre-patched Google Play services)

Blackberry OS requirements
Your device must have Blackberry OS 10.3 or the latest version of 10.2.1 installed

Download and install these files on your Blackberry device before proceeding.
Patching procedure
  • Run Lucky Patcher
  • On main screen, choose Rebuild & Install
  • Find the file you want to patch
  • Tap on filename and select Rebuild
  • Choose options Apk without License Verification
  • Unselect Auto Mode
  • Select Remove Dependencies
  • After patching completed, you can find the patched apk file on your device (not SD-Card!).
  • Look for folder misc/android/luckypatcher/modified. Install the patched APK file and you are ready to go.

Important: Uninstall any unpatched version of the app from your device before attempting to install the patched version.
Credit: Cobalt232
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