[TUTORIAL] Installing CM12.1 HTC ONE X Endeavoru

A-Mod now will share guide for installing CM12.1 Nightly Unofficial for your HTC ONE X or Endeavoru that provided by milda25. Lets this tutorial guide you to make your HOX more up to date :)

ROM Author: milda25

Original thread: XDA

Before installing this ROM, please do backup of your internal storage. Because by installing this ROM your storage will be formatted because of changing partition layout to the new one.
  • Reboot your phone into bootloader mode
  • Place the Recovery file you downloaded where the Minimal ADB directory placed.
  • Now open the cmd and navigate to the folder where the Recovery File is located or just open a cmd with shift and right click at the correct directory
  • Now type:

    fastboot flash recovery name_of_the_recovery.img
  • Now your recovery is installed
  • Reboot into Recovery
  • Select WIPE option
  • Choose format data and type yes on comment box
  • Now PC will recognized your phone in MTP mode 
  • Copy the CM12.1 Nightly.zip into your phone storage
  • Now select instal zip 
  • Find the CM12.1 Nightly.zip that you copied into your phone storage
  • Confirm by swipe button "swipe to flash"
  • Wait until installation process finished
  • After finished reboot your phone into Bootloader mode again by tap option reboot then select bootloader
  • Open the CM12.1 Nightly.zip that you downloaded on PC
  • Extract the boot.img into Minimal ADB directory
  • then open Minimal ADB and type:
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
    • then type
    • fastboot reboot
  • Your phone will be booting and showing CyanogenMod head logo
  • Wait until boot process finished it will be take a little time between 5 minutes
  • If you phone show a welcome screen its mean the process is Done
  • Enjoy your new up to date HOX :)

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