An imageView can auto scroll with device rotating.

An imageView can auto scroll with device rotating.

An imageView can auto scroll with device rotating.

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 05:01 PM PST

Kotlin 1.0.6 is here!

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 09:24 AM PST

How we Misuse Mocks for Android Tests · Philosophical Hacker

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 07:41 PM PST

"realm.copyFromRealm()": how to professionally misuse Realm and miss the point entirely

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 07:30 PM PST

New Developer Conference coming to Chicago

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 10:10 AM PST

AttributesDispatcher - custom view without boilerplate code

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 03:29 AM PST

Copyright issue of movie posters for an android app showing movie info

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 10:52 PM PST

Hi, I have recently developed an android app which shows movie info and trailers and uploaded it to google play store but the app is getting rejected saying the movie posters inside the screenshots are copyrighted. But I see many other apps such as IMDB etc. display movie info etc. without any issues. How can I resolve this?

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Android Development Looks Intimidating (beginner post)

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 12:32 PM PST

Hi everyone,

I decided that I wanted to learn how to make apps a few months back. I tried learning iOS Development for while but I had a health problem and I had to quit. Now I'm back giving it another shot. The difference is that I moved from iOS to Android (Galaxy S6) and now I want to make apps for Android.

The problem starts with my previous attempt. Swift was brought to life in 2014, so it's really new, Xcode is in its 8th version and the simulator works pretty well. While I was searching for answers about Android development I got really scared about the whole thing. Seems like the media and experienced programmers don't think Android Development is recommended for beginners.

I will give it a try no matter what, but should I be that worried about this whole thing? It seems like the whole system around Android Development isn't mature enough. Is it true?

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Need help trying to use [MaterialDrawer](

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 07:00 PM PST

Um.. I'm having a good bit of trouble trying to figure out how to use MaterialDrawer to create a navigation drawer that displays the current signed in user and switch between fragments, which contain different settings.

I have this so far:

package com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.core; import android.content.Intent; import; import; import android.os.Bundle; import; import android.view.View; import; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.AccountHeader; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.AccountHeaderBuilder; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.Drawer; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.DrawerBuilder; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.holder.StringHolder; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.model.DividerDrawerItem; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.model.PrimaryDrawerItem; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.model.ProfileDrawerItem; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.model.SecondaryDrawerItem; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.model.interfaces.IDrawerItem; import com.mikepenz.materialdrawer.model.interfaces.IProfile; import com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.R; import com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.core.fragment.LockProfileOptionFragment; import com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.core.fragment.MiscOptionFragment; import com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.core.fragment.NotificationOptionFragment; import com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.core.fragment.SecurityOptionFragment; import com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.core.fragment.VisualOptionFragment; import com.nova.apps.trinitylocker.util.GoogleSignInSingleton; import; public class MainScreenActivity extends AppCompatActivity { //save our header or result private AccountHeader headerResult = null; private Drawer result = null; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main_screen); Toolbar toolbar = (Toolbar) findViewById(; GoogleSignInSingleton signInSingleton = GoogleSignInSingleton.getInstance(null); GoogleSignInAccount googleAccount = signInSingleton.getGoogleSignIn(); // Create the AccountHeader headerResult = new AccountHeaderBuilder() .withActivity(this) .withHeaderBackground(R.drawable.header) .addProfiles( new ProfileDrawerItem().withName(googleAccount.getDisplayName()).withEmail(googleAccount.getEmail()).withIcon(googleAccount.getPhotoUrl()) ) .withOnAccountHeaderListener(new AccountHeader.OnAccountHeaderListener() { @Override public boolean onProfileChanged(View view, IProfile profile, boolean currentProfile) { return false; } }) .build(); result = new DrawerBuilder() .withAccountHeader(headerResult) .withActivity(this) .withToolbar(toolbar) .addDrawerItems( new PrimaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_lock_profile_text).withIdentifier(1).withIcon(R.drawable.ic_nav_lock_profile), new PrimaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_visual_text).withIdentifier(2).withIcon(R.drawable.ic_menu_gallery), new PrimaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_notify_text).withIdentifier(3).withIcon(R.drawable.ic_nav_notify), new PrimaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_security_text).withIdentifier(4).withIcon(R.drawable.ic_nav_security), new PrimaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_misc_text).withIdentifier(5).withIcon(R.drawable.ic_nav_misc), new DividerDrawerItem(), new SecondaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_tips_tricks_text).withIdentifier(6), new SecondaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_backup_restore_text).withIdentifier(7), new SecondaryDrawerItem().withName(R.string.nav_about_text).withIdentifier(8) ) .withOnDrawerItemClickListener(new Drawer.OnDrawerItemClickListener() { @Override public boolean onItemClick(View view, int position, IDrawerItem drawerItem) { //check if the drawerItem is set. //there are different reasons for the drawerItem to be null //--> click on the header //--> click on the footer //those items don't contain a drawerItem if (drawerItem != null) { Intent intent = null; if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 1) { } else if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 2) { Fragment frag = (Fragment) new VisualOptionFragment(); getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().replace(, frag).commit(); } else if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 3) { } else if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 4) { } else if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 5) { } else if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 6) { } else if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 7) { } else if (drawerItem.getIdentifier() == 8) { intent = new Intent(MainScreenActivity.this, AboutAppActivity.class); } if (intent != null) { MainScreenActivity.this.startActivity(intent); } } return false; } }) .build(); //only set the active selection or active profile if we do not recreate the activity if (savedInstanceState == null) { // set the selection to the item with the identifier 11 result.setSelection(21, false); } result.updateBadge(4, new StringHolder(10 + "")); } } 

But I get this error:

E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process: com.nova.apps.trinitylocker, PID: 16086 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No view found for id 0x7f0e00d4 (com.nova.apps.trinitylocker:id/content_layout) for fragment VisualOptionFragment{64ccfa #0 id=0x7f0e00d4} at at at at at at$ at android.os.Handler.handleCallback( at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage( at android.os.Looper.loop( at at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method) at$ at at 

Before I started using the library, my code was like this and it worked (but I could not create an Account Header). Can anyone help me use this library or help me implement the Account headers in my version of the drawer? (Also sorry for the really long post)

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Must provide physical address to publish games on google play developer

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 10:08 AM PST

Is there a way to not provide a physical address to Google developer to publish my app? Google play is forcing to provide a physical address to post up my app to show the entire world once people download my game they will see it. How do you guys get around this for the indepent developors that work from home or do you guys just use your hone address anyway? I really dont want to provide my physical address just to publish my game.

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Which frameworks may be useful to my medium-sized project ?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 05:58 PM PST

Hi there!

I am designing architecture for an app that will contain about ≈20 screens, will use REST client calls to interact with server, parse JSON to POJO and storing local app data in SQLLite. It will be another weather app with offline weather data storage and some basic user discussion about weather.

Based on experience from previous projects, I want to decrease amount of boilerplate code in my APP - so I started my research on frameworks, which improve writing code using annotations(Android Annotations) or dependency injection(Dagger2, ButterKnife, ...).

I've read many discussions about Android frameworks, but I feel little confused - some developers shared their bad experience about these frameworks, for example:

Another devs found them really useful and approved them.

My questions are:

  1. Are there some frameworks which are bug free, still supported and recommended for use ?
  2. Which of them may I find useful in my app (described in the begining of my post) ?

Thanks for any advices, dos/don'ts or just for sharing your experience.

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Delightful SQLBrite

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 01:55 AM PST

Hacking kernel signature verification

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 01:46 PM PST

I got full access to my android's emmc. When I write my custom kernel (or even stock kernel but custom kernel parameters) - the phone doesn't boot. I assume sbl1/aboot or something else checks the kernel signature. Is there a manual/article or some info which will tell me how I can avoid this behavior?

P.S. It is Qualcomm SOC with enabled secboot.

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How does android load wlan.ko module?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 01:33 PM PST

I'm trying to find a code which loads wlan module when you trigger wifi button in android UI. Does anyone know how does it work? I assume it is insmod/init_module call but from which app?

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Controlling YouTube with Stationary Bike

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 09:41 AM PST

Developer, but not Android developer here.

Endgame: I want the youtube app on my tablet to only be usable when the user (the kids) are pedaling the stationary bike. I can take care of the sensor on the bike and exposing it to Android, but I need some ideas for the Android side.


  • Can an app I write enable/disable or start/stop or lock/unlock youtube based on data it receives?
  • Would I need to use some of the Device Administrator features of Android?
  • What would be the best way of disabling youtube? Actually disabling/enabling it? Throwing up some sort of lock screen? Blacking out the screen with an overlay? Killing the network connection (something like the no root firewall which uses android VPN adapter), etc?
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Why are you using stale data?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 05:04 PM PST

Associate Android Developer availability by country

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 02:56 PM PST

I can't really find any information on in what countries this exam is available. The only clue I see is the price in USD which would imply USA-only. But then if you press on the link suggesting what in-person classes you can take before the exam it takes to London based agency. I am mainly bothered about in-person interview (again cant find much info about that either) I am based in UK.

So can anyone shed any light on any of that?

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Weird read-only protection of the emmc

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 02:45 PM PST

During hacking my phone I noticed that I can not write anything into sensitive phone's partitions: boot, aboot, gpt header, recovery, fota, etc. dd writes data but when you flush kernel caches - all the data looks like it was before. These GPT partitions are marked as read-only (partition properties). I thought that this is a kernel feature which doesn't allow to write anything into these partitions, but same GPT table on external sdcard doesn't have this behavior.

Anyway I got around this restriction booting phone into download mode when these partitions are writable.

My question: I wonder how is this implemented. Is there a way to get around this restriction using only current kernel? Do any other phone manufacturers use this trick?

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RxWrapper for Google's Firebase Realtime Database library

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 02:31 AM PST

A nice workaround when working with custom view libraries and you wanna change something in the child view

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 12:40 PM PST

So I wanted to change the Text in my Google Sign In button provided by Google but I couldn't figure out how to, especially without making a custom button and this came in handy:

protected void setGooglePlusButtonText(SignInButton signInButton, String buttonText) { // Find the TextView that is inside of the SignInButton and set its text for (int i = 0; i < signInButton.getChildCount(); i++) { View v = signInButton.getChildAt(i); if (v instanceof TextView) { TextView tv = (TextView) v; tv.setText(buttonText); return; } } 


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Google play games vs apple game center advice

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 11:38 AM PST

I'm am android game developer and i want to release my games on ios too but I'm not sure whether to use Google play services or Apple's game center for achievements and leaderboards and stuff. Does anyone have some advice on this? Thanks

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Example of Realm with MVP and Dagger

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 08:00 AM PST

GitHub - aldoborrero/Dagger2MultibindingKotlin: Example of Dagger multibinding features in Kotlin

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 09:55 AM PST

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