Why do spammy ads redirect me to install the Uber app on the Play store? I thought Uber won't resort to these kind of shady ads.

Why do spammy ads redirect me to install the Uber app on the Play store? I thought Uber won't resort to these kind of shady ads.

Why do spammy ads redirect me to install the Uber app on the Play store? I thought Uber won't resort to these kind of shady ads.

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 07:49 AM PST

A friend of mine is locked in (like Stephen Hawking), and can only move his eyes and blink. Is there an app that could help him communicate?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 04:05 PM PST

Send prerecorded message to specified number after Heart rate not detected?

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 07:07 AM PST

This is probably a long shot, but is there an app that allows someone to input an audio recording and a phone number, hold their finger over their phone's heart rate sensor or put on a peripheral like a fitbit, then automatically call the specified number and play back the recording on a loop if the heart rate is detected as zero?

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Best app as a Daily Diary? Paid is welcomed.

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 12:16 AM PST

Title^ Highly appreciate it. Merry Christmas. :-)

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Using Nova Launcher with Pixel Launcher Features

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 04:18 PM PST

I got the Pixel XL today, and I am really enjoying the features of the default launcher like the small google button, the swipe to see google cards etc.

On my old phone I was a Nova Launcher user and got used to settings like swiping up on phone to call a specific contact. However, when I use Nova Launcher for these features on this phone, I'm missing out on the pixel launcher good stuff.

How do I keep the Pixel launcher features I like while also setting swipe gestures and other nova customizations?

Edit: Turns out with Nova Launcher I can get most of the pixel launcher features, just excluding the swipe right to open up the Google app with the cards. Thanks!

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[DEV] Flow Calculator, a calculator that lets you draw your calculations as diagrams

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 04:49 AM PST

Hi there, Flow Calculator is an original calculator app that represents your calculations as diagrams. The idea is to show the formula in a more intuitive way, so you can see the structure of the calculation, and the intermediate results at the same time. The other merit is that you could edit a complex formula more conveniently. I have posted here about it a couple of months ago. Now I've been using it since then, and found this calculator actually works in my everyday tasks.

Also, there are some new features, including:

--The result precision can be adjusted;

--The canvas is expanded and can be dragged around;

--A lot of UI tweaks.

Hope you like it. Any comment is welcome. Thanks!


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F.lux without root?

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 09:40 AM PST


So basically I want to know if there is ANY way that I can get to use F.lux (link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justgetflux.flux) But without root?

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[DEV] A storytelling app that updates your wallpaper everyday with a stunning picture and story

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 04:23 AM PST

We have been working on creating a unique platform that tells stories through pictures. Find out more about this here and please message me what you think :) http://invite.pixtory.in/JgTs/pmHdoI1xrz

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Overtake : Car Traffic Racing

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 07:49 AM PST

Overtake : Car Traffic Racing

Overtake is a realistic 3D car traffic racing game where you push powerful cars to their limit by driving with staggering speeds through dynamic traffic on endless freeway. Avoid crashing into other vehicles and overtake dynamic obstacles to get as far as possible while collecting cash and experience.

Visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.virtualsoftlab.overtake for more information

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What app do You Want to have that don't exist yet?

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 03:53 AM PST

Whats the best web Browser that has functionality like Javelin?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 10:01 PM PST

Seems like Javelin was re-branded or something a while back, and even that has not been updated since 2014. Really liked the Stack feature of javelin.

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can't find a good email app

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 03:31 AM PST

Hello everybody,

my favourite email app was CloudMagic, because it allowed me to use the Archive functionality for all my accounts (gmail, IMAP, exchange), and also allowed me to mark as read and archive from the notification. As you know, CloudMagic started asking a ton of money, so I can't afford it anymore.

I've tried gmail, but it won't let me archive emails for accounts different than gmail. I've tried nine but it doesn't support gmail nor imap. I've tried outlook but it didn't work with my imap account (zoho pro).

Have you got any suggestion for an app that supports all protocols and allows me to archive all email? Thanks!

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[DEV] Naughty Deeds Pro - 10 Promo Codes

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 04:31 AM PST

Naughty Deeds Pro

About App:  

Hey! Have you ever been to a party? Of course you have. But probably it wasn't "awesome". Why? Because you hadn't Naughty Deeds with you! With this app every party will be amazing. No more long faces, no more boredom. It's new era for parties!  

Naughty Deeds is free to play application that makes you do some Drama on parties. Before playing it you have to find some people, choose one of three ingame modules and then the party begins! We have prepared for you awesome challenges but hey! Everytime you can choose one of three challenges, because we know that you probably have some "borders". We don't want you to feel uncomfortable... Well, maybe we want you to feel a little bit uncomfortable, but we don't want to order you to do it. It's your call, there is always another option for you. However there are extra points for doing more Drama!  

Your Feedback  

Please, give me your feedback in a comment or in an email. I'd really appreciate that!  

Promo Codes 

Expire Date 31.12.2016 

(Remember to write in comments which one have you used and rate this app in google store!)  











Link to app in Google Play -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MaksymilianZienkiewicz.NaughtyDeedsPro  

Link to trailer on YT -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daVZz2kcywU

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Torn between redditisfun and Sync

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 08:08 AM PST

Which one do you prefer? redditisfun has always been my go-to but I like the change to Sync. For reference I have both Pro versions. Also if you will please let me know why you prefer which one or alternatively what you use for reddit.

Many thanks.

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Looking for a super simple weekly calendar app or widget - like a blank template

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 09:12 PM PST

I am hunting for a really basic app or widget to use for meal planning. But I don't need something fancy that'll generate a shopping list or keep track of meals or any extra features. I also don't want a fancy calendar with full months and dates and to-do lists and event reminders, etc. And that's all I can find -- tons of complicated apps that organize your whole life, which is great if you need that, but I don't.

All I want is an empty template-type screen that lists "Sunday" "Monday" "Tuesday" and lets me type in notes for each day so I can list what meals I've planned, such as "Taco night."

Anyone ever see anything like this?

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What happened to Wakie?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 09:12 PM PST

Is there still an alarm feature? I just downloaded it and I can't seem to find out how to get the alarm set. Just a bunch of questions to answer.

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Alternative to SimpleWeather? Looking for something with a perma-notification showing the temperature.

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 01:35 AM PST

Until recently, I used/loved SimpleWeather because it had this amazing notification feature that showed the temperature right in the notification tray, with a pull-down showing a summary of what to expect that day. However, the app seems to be abandoned now, and so I'm searching for an equivalent replacement - free or paid.

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Problem with fB messanger

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 07:28 AM PST

This only happens with one person for some reason. The problem is when I open the messenger app it marks this person's message as 'read' - but for anyone else I have to open our chat for the message to be marked as 'read'. Any help?

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App to manage individual app permissions?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 07:10 PM PST

I'm still on lollipop and it does not have a built in feature so I'm looking for a good app to do this. I'm rooted btw but I don't have xposed

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Any android app to translate html file?

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 02:29 AM PST

I want to buy translator app which could translate text or htm file. Android or desktop?

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Multi account Facebook messenge

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 06:04 AM PST

I'm looking for a new messenger app that allows more than 5 accounts to be logged in at once. The current Facebook messenger only allows 5 accounts to be logged in.

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Is there a way to have Assistant and keep the Screen Search?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 02:43 PM PST

I use the Get Assistant App which replaces google now and search screen. Theoretically there should be a way to make them both work right? But probably not right now, when assistant is accessed through changing build prop number

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[DEV] kboard v3.0.0 - keyboard with VIM-like macros...is it useful?

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 02:41 PM PST

Background:kboard has been around for a while now, it's a keyboard which allows for customisable one-click canned responses.

Recently I've found myself using the WhatsApp bold and italic syntax a fair amount, but it's quite cumbersome doing that with a normal keyboard, so wanted to see if I could make it easier.

In the process of doing that, I sort of ended up making a VIM-like syntax for kboard, that could be quite flexible.

Here are a few examples:

/Italicise Previous!dw,i($0)

/Bolden Previous!dw,i($0)

/Italics!i(__),j - this writes the two underscores then moves the cursor between them

/Copy All!yy

/Repeat word x4!dw,4p

/rly sad!1000i(­čśą)

I'd love some feedback on whether this is actually useful to anyone other than myself - if so I can maybe spend a bit more time making it easier/better to use or adding new commands.

Full list so far:

  • d=delete previous character
  • dw=delete previous word
  • 3dw=delete previous three words
  • dd=delete all
  • yy=copy all
  • y=copy selection
  • p=paste from clipboard
  • i(text)=output the content of the brackets ($0 gets replaced * with the last deleted/copied content)
  • upper(text)=as o, but in upper case
  • lower(text)=as o, but lower case
  • j=move cursor back by a character
  • k=move cursor forward by a character
  • b=move cursor back by a word
  • w=move cursor forward by a word
  • s=trigger a send command



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